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Questions you may have....


How far in advance should I get in touch regarding my wedding or event?

It’s never too early to contact us to see if we are available.  In general terms, most people tend to book 12-18 months before their chosen date, but some are super organised and it can be three years in advance.   In other circumstances, we can occasionally do last minute events and have flowered full weddings with 8 weeks notice…it’s not ideal but it is possible!


Where do you source your flowers?

Whilst a lot of our flowers come in from Holland by road and sea, we like to source British flowers wherever possible, as well as growing as much as we can and foraging locally.   If locally grown and purely British flowers are your love, let us know and we can advise accordingly as to what will be in season.

How can I get a quote for my event flowers?

We always try to meet first before giving you a quote for your flowers.   It is only when we understand more about what your “vibe” really is and what lies beneath it that we can advise on the best flowers and style.   We don’t mind looking at pictures you may have of other designs but we are not a “cookie cutter” florist that quotes on others’ designs and tries to copy them.  We also will not take a quote that other florists have taken time and effort to compile and just give you a “cheaper” price.  We can work with you to make the most of your budget and suggest ways to ensure items can be re-purposed wherever possible but will always be honest if we can’t achieve your look within your budget.  We want you to be delighted, not disappointed on your special day.

Do we have to provide the props and vases etc for our event?

We have a very large (some would say too large!) selection of vases, props and eclectic items that we can use within your event.   We use whatever items you desire for your event and can often source specific items for you if we don’t have them in stock.   We can use your own props subject to their meeting health and safety requirements for stability etc and can discuss this at our consultation.

Will you come and meet me at my venue to talk about flowers?

This really depends upon your requirements and we can discuss this at our first consultation.  If it is a venue with which we are not familiar we will always visit ahead of your event, either with you or on our own in agreement with the venue.


Will you be working on my wedding personally, and do you do it all on your own?

I am a control freak, so will always be working on your wedding, and can pretty much guarantee that any bridal bouquets will be designed and made by me.   However, given the scale of many of our weddings and events, it isn’t possible for me to do them all on my own so I use my trusted team of freelancers to assist and as I am lucky enough to have such a great team behind me, you may see several different team members setting up for your special event alongside me.

Where do you hold your consultations and is it only during weekdays?

We hold all consultations in our special consultation room in a log cabin next to the studio and nestled within our gardens.   We are very flexible regarding consultation times and can do some evening appointments as well as daytimes and Saturdays, although these are generally in the afternoons and book a long way in advance as we are usually out with weddings in the mornings.   All appointments are made taking into account our availability and workload.  Sundays however, are consultation free for us as we like to try to spend some rare time with the family once weddings are complete.  Where face to face consultations are not possible, we have a contact free process that we developed during the Covid-19 pandemic and can follow this route if preferred, although meeting you face to face is always our preferred option.


Do you provide sympathy flowers or gift bouquets?  We love your flowers but they seem to be focused on large events

Well we’re very glad you like our flowers…thank you.   We definitely do provide sympathy flowers and though it sounds strange, we love doing this.   This is the last thing we can do for someone and it therefore needs to be as personal and as special as possible.  We do also provide gift bouquets and flowers for all occasions, subject to our availability and we regularly deliver around Kent.

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