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Weddings are our main love…the excitement, the planning, the fabulous flowers, gorgeous gowns…what’s not to love.   For us, it means turning your ideas and dreams into a joyful reality to delight you and your guests.   Anything and everything can be dressed with flowers, and though we are biased, we believe everything can be made more beautiful with flowers.


We love a challenge and adore doing floral arches, installations, floral collars for your pets and everything else you can think of, but not everyone has the desire or the budget to go “full on” with their flowers.  We can help you think of the most strategic places to have arrangements, advise on how to re-purpose flowers from one part of the day to another and try to help make everything just that little bit easier for you.    We are very honest and down to earth and are happy to give you our advice and opinion about all aspects of your wedding and will always let you know if perhaps your ideas won’t quite fit with your budget.   We don’t believe in cutting back on flowers and skimping on sizes just to try to make everything stretch a little further…we want you to be wowed on your big day.


Our consultations are free, relaxed and include a good cuppa, so why not contact us to put your ideas into action.   We’d love to see you and chat all things weddings…don’t expect it to be a short ten minute chat though as we really do love to chat and have a tendency to get over-excited!!

Explore our galleries to see some of the work we have done

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